Monday, August 06, 2007

Uncle Karl Marx Needs YOU!

It's August (again) and the jazz choices in LA are still bountiful. I have been meaning to write a lenghty set of picks for the month, but it's 5pm on a Monday and I'm DYING to get outside for a walk! So, I'm challenging you, gentle readers, to exercise your first amendment right to free speech and embrace Marxism at the same time. Oooh, a conundrum. Plus I'm really thinking socialism but why split hairs?

Anyway, with my apologies for the rambly rant, here's what I'm hoping you'll do: Please post a comment to this blog entry if you hear of or are performing in a Southern California show in August that you think people really oughta get out and hear. I'm going to drop a few names but will leave it up to you to fill in the blanks - these are just a few artists who will be out and about in August.

Katie Thiroux
Graham Dechter
Dave Ameele
George Kahn
Evan Stone
Tony Inzalaco

Once the comments are populated, I'll send another email to my mailing list to remind them to check out the shows.

In other news, I received a flyer for the Winard Harper Sextet in Long Beach on August 26 from a new friend and am definitely planning to go to this event!! If you'd like the information please do let me know and I'll forward a flyer.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this political experiment goes - and if my walk is sufficiently energizing, I may come back and fill in the blanks myself, plus update you on some shows I've seen recently...

Enjoy the music,