Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick January Jazz Update!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

It's hard to believe we're halfway through January... While I am still trying to get my jazz bearings amidst all of the end of year stuff, I thought I'd post a quick update with a promise to be more thorough in February!! I promise!!!

I have managed to post a very candid (read: embarrassing) look at how I view the combination of jazz and dating. Check out
"Isn't It Romantic?" at LAJazz.com. It's kind of a Valentine's Day preview. Egad.

In terms of personal goings on, 2008 is already proving to be an exciting year! I'll post the following updates in the weeks to come:

Get ready for yet another Tramp House relocation - Super Tramp!
Politics and jazz - will I scare Barack Obama away tomorrow night with my rendition of "Undecided"?
And.... My first foray as an (Old) Maid of Honor! Yee Haw!! Best wishes, Carmen!

And last but certainly not least, here are a few jazz shows on my calendar for the balance of January. This is just a quick and dirty list but if any appeal, let me know!

January 21 - Frank Fontaine Latin Jazz Quintet at Spazio
January 23 - Dale Fielder Quartet at the Westin LAX
January 23-26 - Jeremy Pelt Quartet at the Jazz Bakery
January 28 - Frank Capp Juggernaut at Charlie O's
January 30 - Chuck Berghofer and the Midnight Jazz Band at Charlie O's

AND - if anyone's brave enough to hit the Newport Beach Jazz Party over President's Day Weekend, let me know! I'll be there!

Thanks to those of you who joined me at various shows over the past few weeks - Bijon Watson's Latin Jazz Syndicate at Jason's in Santa Ana; Bill Cunliffe Trio at Spazio in Sherman Oaks, and Cross Hart with John Beasley, Sandra Booker and Dale Fielder at Hotel Angelino on the West Side (this is a super cool joint). I'm having a ball!

More to come - and thanks for listening!!!


At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Joanie said...

Hello Pam,

Were you at Henri's in Canoga Park last night (Saturday February 9, 2008)? I saw a lovely woman sitting on a tall bar stool in the back corner of the music table area. I came in late after being at the Airtel to see Terry Trotter and Charlie Shoemake. I go out four or five nights a week to listen to jazz. We should meet each other. It sounds like we have some things in common. I'll be at Charlie O's tonight to see Barry Zweig and Ron Anthony. I'm 60, a widow (38 years married), a mother and grandmother, a personal trainer, and I've been listening to jazz almost exclusively since I was twelve. Email me, if you like. If there was a larger picture of you online I could recognize you more easily if I saw you in a club. My best to you, Allegria (but everyone calls me Joanie)

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Pam Howell said...

Thanks so much for your nice message, Joanie! No, I wasn't at Henri's on Saturday, but I'm sure our paths will cross one of these days! I hit the Valley spots a lot so just shoot me an email (pam.howell@gmail.com) when you are going out and perhaps we can introduce ourselves... It's so fun to meet new jazz fans!


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