Thursday, October 04, 2007

Singin' the Blues

Well, folks - it's time for some jazz recommendations for October, but I'm writing this with a heavy heart. This past Monday we lost one of our most dedicated local jazz ambassadors. Dave Ameele wasn't necessarily a household name, but odds are if you ever went to hear Joe La Barbera play in the area, Dave was there too. A talented drummer, arranger and instructor in his own right, his rich jazz history, ready smile and penchant for spinning a jazz yarn made him easy to be around. Click here to read my little tribute to Dave...

But in a testament to how the universe's cruelty can be matched by its generosity, the very next day my newest niece was born! Jordyn Natalia has joined Jasmine Nicole (aka "Jazzy") and Jada Noelle (she's the one in the blogspot photo with me) as the next generation of jazz fans in my family. One of these days I'll get all three of those ladies out to a jazz show!

And speaking of shows, they are abundant in October. My personal availability is limited, but if any of these (or any others) appeal to you, do let me know and I'll do my level best to join you. Here are a few of my October picks (but know that there are tons more good shows happening):

Sunday, October 7
Tony Inzalaco Quintet at the Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach. Time and again I've said to go out and hear this group; they perform original tunes in the bebop tradition and sound oh so good. Rumor has it that they have some new material too!

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 9-10
Houston Person at Vibrato, Bel Air. Bring your hankies; you'll need them to wipe the tears during the ballads and to wave when he gets his groove going.
Bill Cunliffe at The Jazz Bakery, Culver City (Tuesday, 10/9 only). Bill is doing a part performance / part informal lecture to celebrate Thelonious Monk. I went to the George Gershwin show and thought it was fun, informative and comfortable (the Bakery has new chairs! WOOT!).

Friday, October 12
Tamir Hendelman Trio at The Jazz Bar at the Universal Sheraton, Universal City. This newest addition to the jazz bar scene in LA is in the thick of things at Universal - with validated parking and fabulous music by one of my very favorite musicians - don't miss it!

Sunday, October 21
The Los Angeles Jazz Society is having their 24th annual Jazz Tribute Awards Dinner & Concert! Last year's show was amazing so I am very excited about the upcoming show! Please let me know if you'd like more information; I can send you an invitation or information on sponsorship opportunities. And if you would like to attend and try to sit together, please contact me!

Monday, October 22
Dale Fielder Quartet at The Jazz Bakery, Culver City. I'm hoping to get a chance to hear this fine baritone player at last, after several failed attempts to make it to a show. I've heard nothing but good things!

That's just a teeny tiny subset of all of the jazz excitement in October. Hope to see you out there!


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Pam,

I read with interest your many articles re jazz. You will remember that we met at the Capital Group's Non-Profit Forum. We talked about my second favorite subject (Boston Sports #1) - Jazz. I love the big bands - Count Basie, Duke ellington. Glenn Gray, Cab Calloway, Goodman...Miller...etc.

Now that I "discovered" you, I will access this site more often. Thanks for the info.


Grandparents as Parents

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Pam Howell said...

Larry! So nice to hear from you, and glad you "discovered" me! I'll definitely stay in touch as I hear about big band events in the area; in fact, Charlie O's has big bands every Monday night...

Will also be in touch re: work stuff - so talk to you soon. Thanks for stopping by!


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