Friday, March 14, 2008

Introducing... SuperTramp!

It's been a while since I've posted a jazz blog entry, and my ego is clearly suffering, for no one has missed it! However, being the Leo that I am, I am assuming that those faithful jazz followers who rely on my missives for juicy jazz tidbits are so devastated by my disappearance that they are unable to communicate such, and instead are sitting under their desks in the fetal position in the dark, writing bad poetry and chain-smoking unfiltered Camels while rocking back and forth.

Clearly my absence has given me even more of a flair for the dramatic, and my new entry at rides the drama wave and addresses just how the jazz community as a whole has been impacted by my disappearance. Click here to check out my most recent blog entry, "How Insensitive."

Part of my jazz absence can be explained, however, by the fact that I have moved yet again! You all may recall my former abode, The Tramp House, whose name is explained in a previous entry, "A Tramp House Primer." The end of the tale of the original Tramp House is my sister Kim's pursuit of her Ph.D. while I lived alone in mid-Wilshire. Well, she and I have decided to revisit the good old days of Tramp life and have moved in together again! I'm sending out yet another spate of change of address cards, this time announcing the christening of our new place, SuperTramp!

The SuperTramp Mat will definitely be out in the months to come, as I hope to host a jazz tasting very soon. Be on the lookout for more information on that score. In the meantime, I am dipping my foot back into the jazz pool, and recommend one last show for the month of March - Kristin Korb's Tales from the Diva Den at the Airtel in Van Nuys on Saturday, March 29. Tell me, who can resist three fabulous young jazz sirens (Kristin Korb, Inga Swearingen, and Kathleen Grace) regaling us with tales from, well, the diva den? I hope the first tune tells what a diva den actually is, but if not, I can certainly make something up since I live at the SuperTramp anyway. I'm there - hope you make it too! Let me know if you'd like more details - I believe reservations are required and there is a cover charge.

That's all for now. As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the music!


At 10:59 AM, Blogger superbonbon said...

BTW, I have created a blog here so that I can remind myself to read yours more frequently!

At 2:37 PM, Blogger georgevjohnsonjr said...

Enjoyed your blog.

If you would like to do a interview contact me



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