Saturday, August 30, 2008

September is for Stalkers

Hello my friends!

It's so hard to believe that summer is almost over, especially since it's SO FREAKING HOT in the Valley right now. I posted a little tale in about how the heat impacts the face of jazz in LA (namely, mine). Check out my latest post, "Too Darn Hot / The Way You Look Tonight" and feel free to comment with your stories!

Luckily, with fall comes cooler weather, making it easier to wear bulky coats, wide brimmed hats, and other accoutrements to make stalking easier. Several local musicians suspect that I am stalking them, most notably (and verifiably) the Jeff Hamilton Trio. Last week alone I saw the pianist, Tamir Hendelman, perform three times, and drove all the way to Fullerton and back on a Friday night to hear three sets of the trio (HELLO - gas is expensive plus I start work at dawn).

Anyway, the September calendars are not all up yet so I don't have a bunch of shows to flag; however, if you only see one show in September then grab your trench coat, and fedora and join me in stalking, er, I mean hearing, drummer Jeff Hamilton with another stalkee, the unbelievable Atsuko Hashimoto on the Hammond B3 organ (seriously, think Jimmy Smith). Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 10 at the Radisson Century City and as always, if you want company just email to let me know. See you there - I'll be the one in the oversized sunglasses!


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Howell,

I would like to speak with you regarding your work, however this is the only way I could seem to get in touch with you. Please e-mail me back when you have an opportunity.

Thank you,


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Pam Howell said...

Hello! I'm not sure how to reach you, but feel free to email me at

Talk to you soon!



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